Alex Pearson, Emerson College

Janice Payne’s April 8 discussion on the difference between a care-giver and a care-taker was fascinating, especially considering the recent debate on health care reform.  Our health care system as a whole as been the source of much of the debate.  It seems that the policies of insurance companies are in direct violations of human rights, but because of their thirst for endless profits, the abusive system expands more and more.  It’s clear that the so called “greatest nation” needs to find a way to make care giving more profitable than care taking, but how?  After hearing Janice Payne’s presentation, and the moving story of the Lady in Red, Zulene, I worry that only reactive measures will be taken to fix this injustice.  And so I’m left wondering, how can internal communication solve a systematic failure?  

Janice’s suggestions about doctor-patient communication were reasonable, and the earlier discussions about medical literacy framed my understanding of the complexity at hand.  So while communication is necessary to bring issues within the health care system to the American populous, there will need to be several persuasive campaigns that address the misconceptions about how it is run.  We live in a country where more people trust a profit-driven business to keep them healthy than our representatives and regulatory organizations.  

The members and presenters of the IABD articulated a vision of a world that I would like to live in some day.  I hope that these proposals become programs and effectively implement systematic change, improved communication, and shift public perception to see beyond profits.